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Sioux war chief charging on horseback

"The War Chief"
By Steven E. Lillegard

Height:   22 1/2"
Width:   18 1/2"
Depth:   7"
Edition:   36
Price:   $4,700.00 U.S.
(Size does not include walnut base)

This sculpture shows a Sioux warrior charging into battle. The leader's flag and a square rectangle painted on the horse's shoulder are indications that he’s the war party leader. His war shirt has locks of hair from members of his tribe to remind him of the people he’s responsible for. Circles painted around his horse's eyes make it see better. The eagle feathers tied to his mane and tail give it the flight of an eagle. Each of the feathers that adorn the warrior’s headdress were awarded him for acts of bravery such as stealing an enemy’s horse or counting coup (touching an enemy with a weapon or long stick made for that purpose.)