Dreams of the Garden

The dream of having a relaxing place to lift the spirits of visitors came true in 1996 with the creation of the Labyrinth Garden. Believed to be the only one of its kind in the United States, the Labyrinth, a seven circuit path lined with flowers, is a symbol of unity, an archetype dating back centuries, and used as a walking meditation.

The garden was created and is maintained by volunteeers who each commit to taking care of a section of the garden. These "Friends of the Garden" have continually strived to keep the dream of having the Labyrinth garden alive and to make it a more and more enjoyable experience. A few years ago they commissioned Lewistown Artist, Mark Kornick, to make benches as a place to rest.

They worked with another near by sculptor, Steve Lillegard, to create a larger than life-size sculpture to be placed near the entrance.

A Name for the Sculpture.

In an effort help the community feel part of the process, The Friends of the Garden sponsored contest to name the sculpture. The winning entry was from Mrs. Shield's 3rd grade class at Garfield School who came up with, the appropriate,"Keeper of Dreams."

Lewistown Art Center manager, Nancy Hedrick, presents a check to Mrs. Shield's 3rd grade class at Garfield school for the winning entry.

Keeper of Dreams makes progress

The original clay model in Lillegard's studio
in Stanford, Montana on Feb. 13, 2005

The completed sculpture was placed in the garden in September of 2005
 Keeper of Dreams right side   Keeper of Dreams from behind   Keeper of Dreams left side
Keeper of Dreams close up right side    Keeper of Dreams close up left side

You can help support this project.

Help the The Friends of the Garden by purchasing items from the Garden Gift Store.

For more information, contact:

Lewistown Art Center
801 W Broadway
Lewistown, MT 59457
Phone: (406) 538-5436
E-Mail: art@lewistown.net
Or, e-mail: Friends of the Garden

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