The ceramic shell was chipped away using a hammer and chisel or air
chisel. Everything that was wax was now bronze, including the sprues
and pouring cup. These were removed with abrasive cut off wheels.
After the parts were bead blasted they were pieced
together and “tacked” with small welds.
Once it was determined that the parts fit properly, the welds were completed and ground down to blend with the surrounding
areas using sanding disks and carbide rotary files. This process is called chasing.
After the parts of the horse and pedestal were welded and
chased, the horse was suspended and the pedestal was
placed underneath and welded to the horse.
The sculpture was given a final bead-blasting to eliminate the shiny
areas where grinders were used. The sculpture was heated while
chemicals were applied to give it the desired color or “patina.” Wax
was then applied to stabilize and protect the patina.
This shows the finished sculpture installed.